Synopsis of Sam’s War

SAM’S WAR - A GI’s Journey — Bronze Star, Purple Heart veteran Sam Brody, age 90, pulls us into the midst of World War II. Sam, with youthful energy and huge memory, traces his extraordinary first-hand odyssey as an American soldier—from Brooklyn, N.Y. through battles on the front in Europe, his capture by the Germans and a brutal 750 mile death-defying forced march through Germany and Austria. With humor, hurt and staggering detail, Sam “spills his guts” as he places the viewer on the front row seat of the European Theatre of War.

We meet the GI’s, the French people, German soldiers and Nazi Officers (the ‘SS’). We experience the loss of comrades in battle and the pounding of ‘88s raining down hell in the frozen snow. The 78 minute film is interspersed with actual World War II footage documenting Sam’s journey.

SAM’S WAR - A GI’s Journey evokes hope and our common humanity as Sam, an American Jew, is saved from certain death by his German/Nazi captors due to simple human understanding.

Sam fights to survive “The Big One”. We feel privileged to join this man of The Greatest Generation during a monumental time in history as he totally immerses us in World War II—a unique on-the-ground visceral history lesson by one of the last World War II veterans.

Joel L. freedman — award-winning filmmaker, has produced and directed many films, including: BROKEN TREATY AT BATTLE MOUNTAIN and TO PROTECT MOTHER EARTH, each narrated by Robert Redford, BRAINSTORM with Natalie Wood & Christopher Walken, EVEN IF A HUNDRED OGRES with Joanne Woodward, the classic anti-drug film SKEZAG, and more.

total Running time: 78 Minutes, DVD, NTSC, and in Blu-Ray

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